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Application of polyurethane parts in transport and logistics

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High Industry Tech provide wide varieties of wear-resistant urethane parts for transport and logistics. The Wear-resistant polyurethane lengthen working life of equipment and accessories, while elasticity of polyurethane prevent damage to goods caused by collision.

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Polyurethane is widely used in transport and logistics for the features of wear-resistant, elastic, oil resistant and water fast. The transmission parts like rollers, conveyer belt, pads, protector, collision buffers are mostly made of polyurethane. Forklift caster wheels, some of the pallets and storage rack are made of polyurethane too. Polyurethane parts work excellently and long in most environments, and it is easy forming, thus we can make special-shaped parts for transport and logistics easily.

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Wearing parts is one of the main cost for transport and logistics companies. We cooperate with logistics company and online shop to provide customized polyurethane parts and standard parts such as PU pad, rollers, forklift caster wheels. High industry tech is devoted to supply competitive solutions for customers.? For example, DHL china southwest center and china online seller SUNING purchase forklift caster wheels from us and save cost as much as 30%.

Please contact us for your specific solutions to save cost.

●polyurethane conveyor belt

●polyurethane sheet, urethane pad

●polyurethane rollers

Conveyor chutes

●forklift caster wheels

●other custom made parts

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wearing resistant fork lift wheels

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wearing resistant polyurethane pad

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polyurethane coneying belt

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polyurethane collision protector

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PU transfer rollers

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polyurethane wheels

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