11th Shanghai International fair of powder metallurgy, ceramics forming and carbide forming tech

Author:     Date Posted:19 May 2018

high industry tech on Shanghai ceramics carbide powder metallurgy exhibition.png

High Industry Tech Co., Ltd attended the 11th Shanghai international powder metallurgy exhibition and conference, to show latest technology of polyurethane for powder forming industry. polyurethane CIP bags as a new type of isostatic pressing bags are widely used in the forming of ceramics, graphite, carbide,permanent magnets and so on.

The exhibition was hold on 25th to 27th, March, 2018, another two exhibitions for ceramics and carbide were hold at the same time and in the same building.

High industry tech co., ltd dedicated to develop advanced powder forming mould and pressing bags for customers. With rich experience in the cold isostatic pressing process and equipment, we provide CIP polyurethane bags featured high resilient, anti-fatigue, low deformation rate, easy demoulding and environmental friendly.

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