Deep cooperation with CIP equiment manufacturer

Author:     Date Posted:19 May 2018

High industry tech cooperate with CIP equipment producer to develop high performance CIP bags(cold isostatic pressing bags) for powder materials( ceramics, carbide, hard alloy, graphite) forming.

polyurethane CIP bags-urethane CIP bags-mould-mold-cold isostatic pressing.jpg

The forming bags is a key factor which determine the quality of CIP finished products. As a manufacturer of high performance polyurethane products, High industry tech company has engaged in the CIP urethane forming bag for a long time. To satify the growing demand of high level CIP bags, High industry tech company work closely with CIP equiment factories and end users to explore new materials and new production process to enhance performance of CIP bags, and provide solutions for different industries and different pressing process.

Now High industry tech company has developed CIP bags for various forming materials and for different CIP equipment.

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