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Author:     Date Posted:07 May 2018

Polyurethane isostatic pressing bags(CIP bags)

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High Industry Tech provide cold isostatic pressing bags for ceramics, graphite, carbide powders forming. With rich experience of tools and equipment in CIP,we developed isostatic pressing bag for various pressing process and different powder materials.

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Compare to traditional rubber cold isostatic pressing bags, the polyurethane CIP bags have significant advantages. As a new polymer material, polyurethane products feature smooth surface, wearing-resistant, anti-fatigue, low deformation rate. The surface of pressed products with polyurethane bags is much smoother than that pressed with rubber bags, thus it possesses better looks and less postprocessing is required. It’s an ideal tool for powder material forming by press process, which can help a company reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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Durability and deformation rate are factors that users care most. A long working life of pressing bag can reduce cost and increase production efficiency, while low deformation rate of the bag will enhance precision and yield of products. By close cooperation with material suppliers and great mass of manufacturers of carbide, ceramics and graphite products, we accumulated a lot of experience in this industry and become a well-know supplier of CIP bags.

●wet bag cold isostatic pressing bags

●dry bag cold isostatic pressing bags

●other custom made parts

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pictures for reference:

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CIP bags

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carbide powder forming bags

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ceramics forming bags graphite CIP bags

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