PU products in automobile manufacturing

Author:     Date Posted:07 May 2018

Application of polyurethane in automobile manufacturing

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Polyurethane is widely used in auto industry, it is applied both as parts in the vehicle and auxiliaries in the manufacturing plant, including the parts you can see such as seat cushion, central console, or parts you may not see which used on the production lines.

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Polyurethane elastomer has features of wear-resistant, high pressure resistant and oil-resistant, it is commonly used on the automobile production lines as conveyor rollers, logistic furniture, stamping pad, collision bar, positioning buffer and tooling fixtures. These features of urethane products ensure the production facilities long working life, no damage to the auto parts and more safety.

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High Industry Tech located in the auto city of Chengdu, China, the place where a lot of auto makers established their factory. With the knowledge of polyurethane products and automation, High Industry Tech become qualified supplier of VOLVO Chengdu factory and FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu factory, to supply them high quality auxiliary polyurethane products and production line mending maintenance service.

●logistic furniture

●collision bar

●conveyor rollers

●positioning buffers

●tooling fixture

●wearable pad

●other custom made parts

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polyurethane car door fixture

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urethane carbody fixture

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PU engine plug cover

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urethane crankshaft fixture

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PU fixture on the production line

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polyurethane LOGO fixture

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