Polyurethane rollers

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Application: paper, machinery, mining, heavy industry


Main description:

Custom mould polyurethane rollers featured wear resistant, elastic, are widely used in paper making,logistics, automation, machinery. customized urethane solutions for polyurethane coating roller, polyurethane lining rollers, urethane conveyor rollers.


Polyurethane rollers for printing and other industries

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We offer a wide range of Urethane Printing Rollers. The Polyurethane Printing Rollers are used in printers and have high speed. We provide long functional life and smooth performance products to our partners. Moreover, our PU Printing Rollers are available in different sizes.

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Easy to install

Sturdy construction

High strength

high performance



Fine finish

we supply:

Urethane hourglass rollers

Urethane straight rollers

Urethane conveyor rollers

Urethane radius rollers

Slip-on Urethane rollers

For a tailored polyurethane roller, please write to pu@highind-pu.com


PU coating rollers

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Polyurethane rollers

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Urethane coating roller

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Urethane rollers

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PU rollers

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Polyurethane rollders

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Urethane rollers

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printing PU rollers

 if you need a customized solution, please write to us: pu@highind-pu.com