Urethane plate rod sheet pad

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Urethane plate rod sheet pad

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Application: Mining, oil, oversea, machinery


Main description:

Full range of standard urethane sheet, pad and rod products, standard size or custom size are available, high quality, durable,wear resistant and long working life.


High quaility polyurethane elastomer board, sheet, rod and tube

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High Industry Tech provide high quality PU sheet/board/rod/strips/pads of various specifications. All products are manufactured by quality materials, advanced equipment and strict production process.

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Features of our polyurethane board/sheet/rod:

High quality standard to ensure precise parameters

100% pure high quality polyurethane material

Exceptionally wear-resisting

Good elasticity and elongation

Hardness: Shore 25A-95A

Resistant to hydrolysis , solvent resistance

Water resistant, Chemical resistant

Extremely resistant of oil, grease and volatile oil

Excellent shock absorption, air tightness , biocompatibility

Low temperature resistance, aging resistance , radiation resistance

our products include but not limited to:


polyurethane board


polyurethane sheet


polyurethane rods


polyurethane pads


polyurethane tubes

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polyurethane blocks

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urethane board

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PU board


urethane sheet


urethane tubes

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