Heavy polyurethane rollers

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Heavy polyurethane rollers

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Application: Printing and Dyeing Roller, Papermaking Rubber Roller, Industrial, Electronic, Printing, Agriculture, Printing Rollers, Paddy Hulling Rubber Roll


Main description:

Urethane coating rollers&wheels are widely used in metallurgy, printing, agriculture, paper making, textile and other machinery.


heavy duty polyurethane coating rollers

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High Industry Tech manufacture high quality polyurethane rollers for wide variety of industries such as mining, metallurgy, papermaking, glass, food, ceramics, construction and other industries.

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Features of our rollers:

  • Excellent anti-abrasion performance it is about 3-5 times of rubber.

  • Good elasticity, it could be as buffering or dampers.

  • Hardness: shore A90-?Shore D 85 

  • Oil resistance Polyurethane is a strong polar polymer compoundIts affinity with non-polar oil is very slim, so there is almost no erosion in fuel oil and mechanical oil.

  • The metal part strongly bonds with PU. It won’t break out. It could also be oil resistance, water-proof or anti-solvent.

  • High strength Under rubber hardness, its strength and loading capacity is much better than rubber. Under high hardness, its impact resistance and flexibility are much better than plastic. 

Application of polyurethane rollers

Drive rollers

Idler rollers

Feed rollers

Conveyor rollers

Load rollers

Guide rollers

Support rollers

Pinch roller/Pressure roller

For a customized solution, please write to pu@highind-pu.com

Products include but not limited to:

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urethane coating rollers

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polyurethane rollers

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PU roller


polyurethane rollers

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polyurethane rollers

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urethane rollers

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polyurethane rollers


urethane rollers

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polyurethane rollers


PU rollers

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polyurethane rollers


PU rollers

 if you need a customized solution, please write to us: pu@highind-pu.com